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14 Events in 2023: GAMMA India wraps up busiest year till date

LockerRoom Team
05 December 2023

In the heart of the Indian subcontinent, GAMMA India has emerged as a formidable force in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sanctioning. 2023 has proven to be a groundbreaking year for the organization, marked by an unparalleled level of activity, reaching new milestones, and leaving an indelible mark on the Indian MMA landscape.

Affiliated to the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA), GAMMA India, established in 2019 became the busiest and most active MMA sanctioning body in the country in 2023.

The sanctioning body had an impressive track record of hosting 13 events throughout the year, spanning across 7 states and 9 cities In India with one more event happening in December 2023 making the total 14 events.

“We at Gamma India have a goal of reaching cities and places where the sport of MMA is not yet so popular and this be able to not only take the sport to them but also give the local athletes a national platform to showcase and develop their talent. To help us achieve this goal it was crucial for us to Connect and work with like-minded promoters that were interested in growing the MMA community in their region. We at Gamma India promise to continue to promote and develop this sport at grassroots in India and will continue working towards acquiring the NSF status.” GAMMA India VP and Official Preksha Jhaveri noted about the importance of reaching the grassroots.

The year kicked off with the GAMMA India Nationals in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, setting the stage for a series of gripping events that would follow suit. Notably, the Glorified Sparring series in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, characterized by its innovative approach to MMA, provided a unique platform for fighters to showcase their skills in a distinct setting.

March witnessed the Warrior Dream Series 4 in Navi Mumbai with the event garnering eyes across the world. The significance of this commitment reached new heights in April when GAMMA India ventured into uncharted territory, hosting the first-ever MMA Fight Night in Arunachal Pradesh with the Aturto 1 in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. Before this, the team had sanctioned TSF Fight Night in Goa in the same month.

The Arunachal Pradesh journey continued with Aturto 1 in Itanagar, followed by Aturto 1.2 in the mesmerizing Ziro valley and culminating in Aturto 1.3 which is upcoming December marking a triumphant trilogy of events.

GAMMA India's footprint expanded further in September with the KFN - Kanchenjunga Fight Night in Gangtok, Sikkim. This event not only showcased top-tier MMA talent but also marked the first-ever MMA Fight Night in Sikkim.

The Warrior Dream Series 6 in Navi Mumbai and Xtrim Fight Night in Mysuru, Karnataka, brought the MMA action back to familiar territories, showcasing the diversity of talent across the country. As the year drew to a close, the Darjeeling Cage Warriors event in November made waves as it unfolded in the picturesque hills of Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Clash of Warriors 2 in Mumbai which happened in November was also sanctioned by the GAMMA India Team.

Beyond the exhilarating fights and historic firsts, GAMMA India introduced a groundbreaking initiative in 2023—Medical suspensions for fighters.

“As GAMMA INDIA, we want to increase awareness and educate athletes involved in participating in combat sports about the best practices in concussion management and help them practice this sport safely. We truly believe that the protocols and guidelines followed by us (about mandatory suspensions) could potentially decrease the incidence of long-term neurological problems in combat sports athletes and thus ensure their longevity in combat sports,” Preksha Jhaveri added.

You can see the list of GAMMA India-sanctioned MMA events in India from 2023 below.

  1. January:
  2. February:
    • Glorified Sparring 1, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  3. March:
  4. April:
  5. May:
    • Glorified Sparring 2, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  6. July:
  7. August:
  8. September:
  9. October:
  10. November:
  11. December:
    • Aturto 1.3, Arunachal Pradesh

The team is now focused on the year ahead and has already announced a collaboration with two events in January.

“We are going to kick off January 2024 with Navsari Fighting Championship (NFC) which is going to happen in Gujarat on 6 January 2024 followed by the Warrior’s Dream Series 7 in the end of January 2024. It seems to be another busy year for GAMMA India and we hope to keep this momentum going and keep providing this platform for all the amateur and pro fighters in India to showcase their talent and remain active throughout the year,” said Jitendra Khare, President of GAMMA India.

But before that, the team will be travelling to the GAMMA World Championship which happens from 6 December 2023 to 10 December 2023 in Thailand to represent the nation.

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