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Warrior’s Dream Series 5 Results: Gaganpal Singh gets dominant main event win

LockerRoom Team
14 August 2023

In a thrilling display of combat sports prowess, the Warrior's Dream Series 5 event unfolded in Navi Mumbai, leaving spectators at the edge of their seats. Sanctioned by GAMMA India, the event brought together a mix of skilled fighters, each vying for victory, glory, and recognition in the world of mixed martial arts.

The event, which took place in the heart of Navi Mumbai, showcased an array of intense matchups, each offering a unique blend of fighting styles, strategies, and techniques. With fighters hailing from diverse training camps and backgrounds, the competition proved to be a true testament to the spirit of the sport.

In the main event, Gaganpal Singh continued his dominant run in the Heavyweight division by getting a first-round TKO win over Mohammad Zaid. Gagan was on the front foot from the start itself and only needed a few minutes to close the fight.

The clash between Tribhuvan Issar (KOI RMX) and Rishabh Patel (FOK) ended in a hard-fought draw, demonstrating the closely matched skills and resilience of both fighters.

Rajkumar made quick work of Vikas Jaiswar in the second bout of the main card as he secured a first-round submission. The showdown between Shiv Kumar and Nishant Karkera had an unfortunate end due to an accidental groin shot.

Jeko Laishram and Prashant Patel delivered one of the most exciting fights of the night. In the closing moments of the second round, Jeko managed to submit Prashant to take home the win.

Rehan and Niranjan went the complete distance in a closely contested fight which was ruled in favor of Rehan. Sagar Kashyap cruised through comfortably for a unanimous decision win against Vikas Gupta. You can see the complete results below and rewatch all the fights on the LockerRoom India YouTube channel.

Warrior’s Dream Series 5 Results:

  • Tribhuvan Issar (KOI RMX) vs. Rishabh Patel (FOK) ended in a draw
  • Rajkumar (ICSA) def. Vikas Jaiswar (Pro Warrior MMA) via First-Round Submission
  • Shiv Kumar (Crosstrain Fight Club) vs. Nishant Karkera (MMA Warriors) ended in No Contest (Accidental Groin shot)
  • Jeko Laishram (KOI RMX) def. Prashant Patel (ICSA) via Second-Round Submission
  • Rehan (Team Relentless) def. Niranjan (KOI RMX) via Split Decision
  • Sagar Kashyap (Fitness Factory) def. Vikas Gupta (Pro Warrior MMA) via Unanimous Decision
  • Gaganpal Singh (KOI RMX) def. Muhammad Zaid (Team Viper) via First Round TKO

Prior to the main card, the event had a long list of amateur MMA, K1 and BJJ Fights as well which was streamed on the LockerRoom India YouTube channel. What are your thoughts on the event? Let us know in the comments below.


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