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GAMMA India National MMA Championship 2023: Full list of medal winners

LockerRoom Team
02 February 2023

The GAMMA India National MMA and Striking MMA Championship 2023 happened in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh from 27 January 2023 to 30 January 2023 and saw the participation of fighters from across the country.

The event, which served as the selection trials for the GAMMA World Championship, was hosted by GAMMAI-UP and supported by USI Universal, Medanta, and GD Goenka Public School which served as the venue for the event.

The event kicked off with the Under 18 National MMA Championship on 28 January 2023 and this was followed by the Senior MMA nationals on 29 January 2023 and 30 January 2023.

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In the senior category, Dhruv Shirodkar of Zen Fitness Studio captured a gold medal in both the MMA and Striking MMA Category at 52.2 KG Category. Harsh Pandya of Team Relentless, Sayed Mohammed of Star MMA and Sunil Kumar of Combat Fitness Cult also secured Two Gold medals respectively. 

Diyo Rimo Matam, who had represented India at the GAMMA Asian MMA Championship, clinched Gold in the 61.2 Striking MMA category as well. You can see the complete list of medal winners below courtesy of GAMMA India.

Gold Medal Winners:

  • 52.2 MMA: Shirodkar Dhruv (Zen Fitness Studio)
  • 52.2 SMMA: Shirodkar Dhruv (Zen Fitness Studio)
  • 52.2 Female MMA: Yumkhaibam Primnyangka
  • 52.2 Female SMMA: Chumpi Dado (Abrasumente Academy)
  • 56.7 MMA: Harsh Pandya
  • 56.7 SMMA: Harsh Pandya
  • 56.7 Female MMA: Shah Heena (Fighter Combat Club)
  • 56.7 Female SMMA: Rahi Divya (Raw Combat Sports)
  • 61.2 MMA: Kumar Anubhav (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • 61.2 SMMA: Rimo Matam Diyo (Abrasumente Academy)
  • 65.8 MMA: Singh Pawan Pratap (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • 65.8 SMMA: Moramba Sagolsem (Ufc Imphal)
  • 70.3 MMA: Sayed Mohammed (Star Martial Art & Fitness Club)
  • 70.3 SMMA: Sayed Mohammed (Star Martial Art & Fitness Club)
  • 77.1 MMA: Nayak Praveen (Shoorveer Academy)
  • 77.1 SMMA: S Sunilkumar (Combat Fitness Club)
  • 83.9 SMMA: S Sunilkumar (Combat Fitness Club)

Silver Medal Winners:

  • 52.2 MMA: Rao Ambadas (Shoorveer Academy)
  • 52.2 SMMA: Birju_Singh Chingangbam (Aztecs Fight Club)
  • 56.7 MMA: Laishram Jeko (Rmx Mixed Martial Arts And Fitness)
  • 56.7 SMMA: Vishnu Warrier
  • 56.7 Female MMA: Gupta Radha (Shree Sai Sports Academy)
  • 56.7 Female SMMA: Chumpi Dado (Abrasumente Academy)
  • 61.2 MMA : Tripathi Shailendra (Av Karate Club)
  • 61.2 SMMA: Abbasi Huzaifa (The Combat Lab)
  • 65.8 MMA: Chakraborty Souvik (Ronins Mma)
  • 65.8 SMMA: Singh Pawan Pratap (Crosstrain Fight Club)
  • 70.3 MMA: Rao Pavan (Shoorveer Academy)
  • 70.3 SMMA: Rao Pavan (Shoorveer Academy)
  • 77.1 MMA : Mustafa Syed (The Combat Academy)
  • 77.1 SMMA: Nayak Praveen (Shoorveer Academy)

Bronze Medal Winners:

  • 52.2 kg MMA Male: Echwamidao Phawa, Sidhartha Malik
  • 56.7 kg MMA Male: Vishnu Warrier
  • 61.2 kg MMA Male: Ali Adnan, Arvind Maurya
  • 65.8 kg MMA Male: Deepak Kumar Dagar, Yashwant Gaud
  • 70.3 kg MMA Male: Yar Khan Sitwat
  • 77.1 kg MMA Male: Fahad Mohamed
  • 56.7 kg MMA Female: Priyangka Yumkhaibam, Divya Rahi
  • 52.2 kg SMMA Male: Lalu Bengia, Rao Ambadas
  • 61.2 kg SMMA Male:Nishant Vasava, Thoidingjam Goroba
  • 65.8 kg SMMA Male: Ali Wajahat, Yashwant Gaud
  • 77.1 kg SMMA Male: Mustafa Syed
  • 56.7 kg SMMA Female: Palak Modi, Heena Shah

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