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Aturto Results: Arunchal Pradesh witnesses historic MMA event

LockerRoom Team
14 May 2023

The first-ever MMA event in Arunachal Pradesh, Aturto went down on 28 April 2023 at the Sango Village in Arunachal Pradesh.

GAMMA India sanctioned the event which had a thrilling night of fights, featuring 13 bouts with fighters from various regions of India.

The Fight of the night proved to be the showdown between Darren Kharshandy and Tor Perme. Both the fighters delivered an exciting bout for the fans in attendance and went the complete distance. The judges ruled fight in favor of Darren in the end.

Sarita Rathod also impressed in her bout against Lyn, winning via an Armbar submission in just 50 seconds of the second round. Rathod showed her prowess in grappling and ground game, making quick work of her opponent with a slick submission.

There were several closely contested bouts, including the one between Atokivi Chisi and Pei Lomdik That, which was won by That via a Majority Decision. The fight went the distance, with both fighters showing great determination and skill throughout the bout.

The event also had its fair share of draws, with the bout between Uttam Soibam and Likha Zill ending in a Split Draw. Both fighters gave it their all, but neither was able to secure a clear victory, resulting in the draw.

Darren Kharshendy and Tor Perme, who fought each other in one of the bouts, were both handed 30-day medical suspensions by the cage-side doctor. They were also given protocols to follow for a safe return to training and competition. You can see the complete results below.

Aturto Results

  • Bout 1: Biri Nikum def. Tarh Tater via Unanimous Decision
  • Bout 2: Nabam Nanu def. Tamo Tallar via Unanimous Decision
  • Bout 3: Tage Ruja def. Namdol Lhupa via Unanimous Decision
  • Bout 4: Uttam Soibam vs Likha Zill - Split Draw
  • Bout 5: Bikash Sungkurang def. Mobya Tajang via Unanimous Decision
  • Bout 6: Kon Jarbin def. Jeff Diengdoh via Unanimous Decision
  • Bout 7: Ronald Khriem def. Mihin Taping via Unanimous Decision
  • Bout 8: Pei Lomdik That def. Atokivi Chisi via Majority Decision
  • Bout 9: Jeko Laishram def. Jony Darlong via Rear Naked Choke in 3 minutes 11 seconds of Round 2
  • Bout 10: Gregory Sohtun def. Riyaz Ahmed via Rear Naked Choke in 1 minute 30 seconds of Round 1
  • Bout 11: Sarita Rathod def. Lyn via Armbar in 0:50 seconds of Round 2
  • Bout 12: Darren Kharshandy def. Tor Perme via Unanimous Decision
  • Bout 13: Jeko Laishram def. Jony Darlong via fighter withdrawal due to injury

Additionally, the following athletes were given medical suspensions in accordance with GAMMA India rules and regulations (in consultation with the cage side doctor):

  • Darren Kharshendy - 30 days
  • Tor Perme - 30 days

The suspended athletes were also provided with a protocol to ensure their safe return to training and eventual competition.


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