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Team India Aims for Glory at GAMMA MMA World Championship 2023 in Bangkok

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Calendar Icon30 November 2023

Excitement is building as Team India prepares to compete in the upcoming GAMMA MMA World Championship 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. The team comprises skilled athletes spanning different weight classes and specialized disciplines. You can see the team below.

MMA Contenders (Male):

  1. Laki Weshi - Strawweight
  2. Harsh Pandya - Flyweight
  3. Thoidingjam Goroba - Bantamweight
  4. Kekhrieneitso Angami - Lightweight
  5. Gaganpal Singh - Heavyweight

Striking MMA Contenders (Female):

  1. Divya Rahi - Flyweight

Striking MMA Contenders (Male):

  1. Tath Lomdik - Strawweight
  2. Diyo Rimo Matam - Bantamweight
  3. Maksud Khan - Lightweight
  4. Zaid Shaikh - Heavyweight

Event Details: Mark your calendars for the championship scheduled from December 6 to December 11, 2023. Anticipate intense battles as fighters from around the world showcase their skills on this global stage.

Expert Coaching: Guiding Team India are seasoned coaches Susovan Ghosh and Vishal Seigell. Their wealth of experience and strategic insight will play a pivotal role in maximizing the potential of the Indian contingent. The team will be led by GAMMA India. 


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