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Loopy Godinez details how Alexa Grasso has inspired her

LockerRoom Team
06 April 2023

Loopy Godinez is all set to make her return at UFC 287. Ahead of the fight, the fighter recalled how she was inspired by the new UFC Flyweight champion Alexa Grasso.

“She's the one that brought me there,” she said in an interview with the UFC.

“I look up to her so much. I was watching her when she was in Invicta, and I'm so thankful to have met her a few years ago, and to see all the changes that she's been doing. And now she's a champ and she's doing amazing things. It is not a surprise for me that she's a champion. Honestly, that's not a surprise. I know how they train. I know her coach, they just have everything dialed in and, of course, she inspires me, and I look up to her and she is just a machine. It's great to have her as my friend,” Godinez added.

When it comes to the UFC, Mexico has had a fantastic year. Grasso reclaimed her title, Yair Rodriguez became the interim featherweight champion, and Brandon Moreno reclaimed his men's flyweight title. Seeing MMA fighters develop their reputation in a country with such a great fighting culture in boxing must be a trip for someone like Aguascalientes' Godinez.

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“Oh yeah, for sure. We are so passionate and we like to scrap, we like to get in there and we don't mind getting dirty going forward. So it's great. And every time I trained there with Alexa, I see so many new girls there. I'm just happy. It's not like the woman is in the kitchen and the men go to work. It's not like that. It's changing and it makes me so happy because when I was there, it was weird to see females playing outside or playing soccer; that was the men's sport, a woman is not supposed to do that. But now it's different and it's great,” she said.

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