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Creep asks Alexa Grasso to show her feet on live stream, champ reacts

LockerRoom Team
07 March 2023

Alexa Grasso became the new UFC Flyweight champion at UFC 285. She became the first Mexican female champion in the UFC when she submitted Valentina Shevchenko to capture the title.

The win proved to be one of the biggest upsets of UFC 285 as Shevchenko was riding high on an impressive winning streak. She was untouched in the Flyweight division and the win of Grasso changes the landscape altogether.

Grasso will now be looking to start a reign of her own in the division which is full of talented names. But first, she might have to go through a rematch with Valentina Shevchenko which seems to be the path ahead.

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While her Flyweight title defence is an ongoing debate on one side, people have started to poke up old videos of Grasso.

One among them was the video where Grasso was asked to show her feet by a creepy fan online. Interestingly, Grasso went on to show the same and noted that she never liked her foot in the first place. The funny interaction is now making rounds on Twitter with reactions such as the ones below.

“She's to pure for weirdos protect her at all costs”

“It’s not what we asked for but it’s what we all needed during these turbulent times.”

“Bro she fights bare foot”

“Literally the most perfect response lmao”

“She’s adorable. I’m glad she won the title”

“Damn she did that for free? She coulda make bank”

“She just missed out on a bag.”

“Hopefully now she can buy a good phone”

“Call me Valentina because she just finished me”

What do you think of the response from Alexa Grasso? Let us know you thoughts in the comments below.

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