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Warrior’s Dream Series 3: Complete results from the event

LockerRoom Team
06 December 2022

Warrior’s Dream Series returned with Warrior’s Dream Series 3 on 3 December 2022. The event happened at the JNPT Multipurpose Hall in Navi Mumbai and saw more than 100 athletes in action across 58 fights. This was the third instalment from WDS after their first event in Navi Mumbai and the second event in Pune.

K1, BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA bouts were on display at the event which was hosted by the joint efforts of WDS and IMO led by Sanjivan Padwal and Ketan Gharat respectively.

In the main event of the day, Boni Kenny went up against Prathamesh in an exciting MMA bout which ended in a submission in favour of Prathamesh. Sarthik Hegde produced a memorable 16-second knockout in the co-main event when he stopped Moin Shaikh.

Sagar Kashyap edged out Chaitanya Dive via a split decision on the main card. Akeer Khan, Vijay Jagtap Chandan Hazariya, Nayan Mandlik and Chintamani also secured wins on the main card. You can see the complete results from the event below.

WDS 3 Undercard Results

  • Anish Tanti vs. Sarvesh Sawant (K1) : Sarvesh Sawant by TKO
  • Ayman Shaikh vs. Omama Khan (K1) : Ayman Shaikh by TKO
  • Biplav Dutta vs. Deep Patil (Muay Thai) : Deep Patil by TKO
  • Vishal Prajapati vs. Vijay Yadhav (MMA) : Vishal Prajapati by KO
  • Farhan Khan vs. Gautam Soli (MMA) : Farhan Khan by TKO
  • Mehtab Ansari vs. Sarthik Hegde (MMA) : Sarthik Hegde by Submission (RNC)
  • Tanish Bhilare vs. Vijay Jagtap (BJJ) : Vijay Jagtap by Submission
  • Tabish Shaikh vs. Sanju Yadav (MMA) : Tabish Shaih by TKO
  • Bhaskar Fukon vs. Shreenath Pardeep (Muay Thai) : Sreenath Pardeep by TKO
  • Arjun Singh vs. Mohammad Khalid (K1) : Mohammad Khalid by Split Decision
  • Chaitanya Dive vs. Aditya bhosale (BJJ) : No Contest Due to Injury
  • Arya Koli vs. Aanchal Patil (K1) : Aanchal Patil by TKO
  • Amey Patil vs. Sagar kayshap (BJJ) : Sagar Kashyap by Fastest Escape
  • Moshin Mukaddam vs. Gaurav Singh (K1) : Gaurav Singh by Split Decision
  • Anas Sardar vs. Prafulla (Muay Thai) : Anas Sardar by TKO
  • Laksh Kamble vs. Shubham Kadam (MMA) : Shubham Kadam by KO
  • Rajkiran Padwal vs. Ayush Patil (MMA) : Rajkiran Padwal by TKO
  • Perez Nadar vs. Aniket Patil (MMA) : Aniket Patil by Submission (Arm Bar)
  • Harsh Singh vs. Aadil Manya (K1) : Aadil Manya by Split Decision
  • Siddisha gangurde vs. Vidya Nair (MMA) : Vidya Nair by Split Decision
  • Darshit Jethwa vs. Evansraj (K1) : Darshit Jethwa by Referree Stoppage
  • Era Sarkar vs. Vedanti Gharat (Muay Thai) : Era Sarkar by Referree Stoppage
  • Jignesh Khopkar vs. Neevan Soni (K1) : Naveen Soni by Split Decision
  • Priyanshu Dolas vs. Sukrut Mhatre (K1) : Sukrut Mhatre by Split Decision
  • Shree Desai vs. Tanaya Halankar (K1) : Shree Desai by Split Decision
  • Isshwari Dhamankar vs. Manasvi Gharat (K1) : Manasvi Gharat by Split Decision
  • Jitesh Kamble vs. Mayuresh Khavle (K1) : Mayuresh Khavle by Split Decision
  • Prasad Arolkar vs. Ganesh Gurav (k1) : Ganesh Gurav by Split Decision
  • Sushant Kotawdekar vs. Akshay Kadam (k1) : Akshay Kadam by Split Decision
  • Nikhil Jagtap vs. Yash Thakur (Muay Thai) : TIE
  • Kuljit vs. Dnyanesh Palav (BJJ) : Dnyanesh Palav by Submission (RNC)
  • Tanmay Sathiya vs. Sukruth Mahatre (K1) : Sukrut Mhatre by TKO
  • Keith Kelly vs. Arjun Singh (K1) : Arjun Singh by TKO
  • Jayesh Bhardwaj vs. Virendra () : CANCELLED
  • Yash Gawand vs. Shaukat Jalgawkar (K1) : Yash Gawand by KO
  • Prathamesh Despande vs. Ugandhar Surve (MMA) : Prathamesh Despande by TKO
  • Shivani Gupta vs. Akshita (MMA) : Akshita by Split Decision
  • Ganesh Gurav vs. Dhruv Seth (K1) : Ganesh Gurav by Split Decision
  • Aiyman Shaikh vs. Saddam Sheikh (K1) : Saddam Sheikh by Split Decision
  • Aarna Susodia vs. Era Sarkar (K1) : Era Sarkar by Split Decision
  • Shubham Sharma vs. Nishant Yelani (MMA) : Shubham Sharma by KO
  • Abhijeet bhose vs. Bhanu (K1) : Bhanu by Split Decision
  • Narayan Dewasi vs. Vedant Khedkar (K1) : Narayan Dewasi by Split Decision
  • Hriday Nandan Goswami vs. Harshit Koi (K1) : Hriday Nandan Goswami by Split Decision
  • Yash Pathak vs. Ritesh Kohar (BJJ) : Ritesh Kohar by Sumbission (Americana)
  • Malhaar Ghanekar vs. Abhi Lomte (MMA) : Malhaar Ghanekar by KO
  • Rashid Shaikh vs. Ashkan (MMA) : Ashkan by Submission (RNC)
  • Sukruth Mahatre vs. Anurag Kumar (Muay Thai) : Sukruth Mahatre by Split Decision
  • Rahi Bhumij vs. Arya Koli (K1) : Rahi Bhumij by Verbal Tap-Out

WDS 3 Main Card Results

  • Chintamani vs. Shayan Khan (BJJ) : Chintamani by Submission (Arm-bar)
  • Nayan  vs. Khushboo (MMA) : Nayan by Sumbission (Arm-bar)
  • Chandan Hazariya vs. Krishna Gupta (K1) : Chandan Hazariya by Split Decision
  • Sumit Jhadav vs. Omama Khan (MMA) : CANCELLED
  • Janu Kondh vs. Akeer Khan (Muay Thai) : Akeer Khan by TKO
  • Chaitanya Dive vs. Sagar Kashyap (MMA) : Sagar Kashyap by Split Decision
  • Vijay Jagtap vs. Mohit Mahajan (MMA) : Vijay Jagtap by Submission (RNC)
  • Sarthik Hegde vs. Moin Shaikh (MMA) : Sarthik Hegde by KO
  • Boni Keni vs. Prathamesh Kenjale (MMA) : Prathamesh Kenjale by Submission (RNC)

The complete event was live-streamed on the LockerRoom India YouTube channel and the event had a total social media impression of more than 500,000 across four days.

What are your thoughts on WDS 3? Let us know in the comments below.


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