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How many rounds in Boxing matches? What you should know

LockerRoom Team
17 December 2022

In professional boxing, fights are typically scheduled for a specific number of rounds, with the number of rounds varying depending on the level of competition and the sanctioning body. Here are some common round counts for professional boxing:

  • Four-round fights: These are typically reserved for inexperienced fighters or fighters who are returning from a long layoff.
  • Six-round fights: These are typically reserved for fighters who are still developing their skills and are not yet ready for eight or ten-round fights.
  • Eight-round fights: These are typically reserved for fighters who are ready to step up in competition and are considered contenders for a title.
  • Ten-round fights: These are typically reserved for the main event or title fights, and are considered the standard length for a professional boxing match.

In amateur boxing, the round count can vary depending on the age and experience level of the fighters and the specific rules of the event. Amateur fights can range from three rounds for novice fighters to five rounds for experienced fighters.

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It is important to note that the length of a round in boxing is three minutes for professional fights and two minutes for amateur fights. There is typically a one-minute rest period between rounds.


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