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Who is MMA Fighter Lucero Acosta that is making waves in Combate Global

Lucero Acosta recently made headlines for her appearance in Combate Global and has captured the attention of MMA fans across the globe.

For the uninitiated, Lucero Acosta is a Mexican MMA fighter who was born in Tijuana. Born in 1994, Acosta started her amateur career with Combate back in 2019. In her first match with the promotion, she delivered an impressive performance in the fight as she stopped Nancy Nava in the first round itself.

Acosta recalls that it was not the wisest decision from her side to jump in and take the fight but notes that it was a relaxing experience.

"I said yes, but without knowing the risks. I didn't know anything and that's how I got into the sport. It was a very relaxing experience. Even though I didn't know how to take the punches or anything like that, I had a lot of courage and a lot of heart and we came out on top that night,” she said in an interview (h/t Sportskeeda).

Making her professional debut

Acosta made her professional MMA debut in the same year at Combat 46 when she went up against Valerie Quintero. The Mexican delivered a good performance and went home with a decision win in the fight to go 1-0 in her professional career.

Three months later, she suffered the first loss of her professional career at Combate 56 as she was submitted by Maritza Sanchez. Acosta then had mixed results in the three fights that followed with two wins and one loss.

Her latest win happened at Combate: Reina O Nada in September 2022 as she outclassed Mariel Celimen to improve her professional MMA record to 3-2. Her performance during the match had earned her praise with Combate Global founder Campbell McLaren noting that the event drew big numbers.

“TV Ratings numbers coming in and @AcostaLoba delivered. World will be well over 1,400,000. US probably tops 900k @combateglobal,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Acosta has been drawing huge numbers for Combat Global on YouTube as well with her fight withdrawing millions of views across the social media platform.

The story behind the nickname

In one of her interviews, Acosta also noted about the story behind her nickname. She is known as ‘La Loba’ and she noted that it is an ode to her aggression inside the cage.

“It refers to the aggressiveness with which I entered. Hence the nickname of 'La Loba', the aggressive one, the one that enters howling,” she said.

The 28-year-old is quickly turning into a huge star at Combate Global and it would be interesting to see what the future holds for her in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.