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Kevin Holland wants match with Dwayne The Rock Johnson after UFC-WWE merger

LockerRoom Team
09 April 2023

UFC star Kevin Holland wants a showdown with Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson following the UFC-WWE Merger.

Holland, who secured a huge win at UFC 287, revealed his desire in a recent interview with The Schmo.

“I would like to do a WWE match with the Rock because… I mean at the end of the day, like the only time I’ve ever really seen WWE back in the day was with my Uncle Rico. He used to watch it, you know, grown-up at his house a little bit and he used to love watching ‘The Rock’ and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin you know what mean so I can always smell what ‘The Rock’ is cooking,” Holland noted in the interview (h/t Essentially sports).

This week, the UFC president Dana White made it clear to the Associated Press that there will be no crossover. Each WWE match is more entertainment-oriented.

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The UFC president compared real UFC fights to WWE contests, which are contrived. The president is unwilling to compromise on the UFC contests' true nature. He also thinks that distinguishes the UFC from other sports. White was likewise hesitant to give fans of crossovers any optimism.

UFC and WWE crossovers

Over the years, there have been several instances where UFC and WWE have crossed over, creating a unique blend of entertainment that fans of both industries can enjoy. One of the most notable crossovers happened in 2018 when former UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey made her debut in WWE. Rousey's star power in the UFC helped her transition seamlessly into WWE, and she quickly became one of the company's biggest stars.

Another crossover happened in 2019 when WWE superstar Cain Velasquez made his UFC debut. Velasquez, a former UFC heavyweight champion, had already made a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling before making the jump back to the UFC. While his UFC comeback wasn't as successful as his previous run, his crossover helped bridge the gap between the two industries.

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Despite these crossovers, there are still some differences between UFC and WWE that make it challenging for them to collaborate regularly. UFC is a legitimate sport, and the outcomes of their matches are determined solely by the fighters' abilities. WWE, on the other hand, is a scripted entertainment show, and its matches' outcomes are predetermined by writers and producers.


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