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I see a champion: Conor McGregor praises Ian Garry after UFC 285 win

LockerRoom Team
04 March 2023

Ian Garry defeated Song Kenan via TKO at 4:22 in Round 3 of the UFC 285 event on Saturday. The middleweight match was on the T-Mobile Arena's preliminary schedule in Las Vegas.

Garry's victory was not without hardship. In Round 1, a crisp left hook felled him, but he made it through Kenan's swarm of follow-up strikes. The second and third rounds were decisive as Garry piled on the pressure until Kenan was worn out.

Garry honoured his fellow Irishman Conor McGregor by performing the "billi strut" celebration after the Knockout stoppage. Later, on Twitter, McGregor gave Garry a tip of the hat. And noted that he sees a champion in the Irish fighter.

“I See a champion,” Conor McGregor Tweeted.

Garry, 25, defeated Song Kenan in the third round to extend his winning streak to 11 matches. Early on, Song was being out-punched by the Irishman, who also had a minor size advantage over Song. The Irishman appeared smart.

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The Irishman suffered the first knockdown of his UFC career after being felled by a powerful left hook only moments after landing a strong left hook to Song's body. Garry was dominating the first round.

You can see the video of the win at UFC 285 and the walk below. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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