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Drake bets $250K on Nate Diaz to beat Jake Paul

LockerRoom Team
06 August 2023

Nate Diaz, the perceived underdog in his upcoming boxing match against Jake Paul, enjoys the backing of a prominent figure in the world of hip-hop.

Drake recently shared a snapshot of his recent substantial wager—a staggering $250,000 bet placed on Diaz to orchestrate an upset victory over Paul in the main event showdown set to take place in Dallas on Saturday. Should Diaz secure the triumph, Drake stands to rake in an impressive $1 million payday, based on the prevailing odds.

In a caption accompanying his Instagram stories post, Drake conveyed his unwavering faith in the Diaz brothers, stating, "Jake is undoubtedly skilled, but I can never bring myself to bet against a Diaz brother. It's a sentiment instilled in me from a young age."

It is worth noting that Drake has become synonymous with these high-stakes bets, which sometimes yield substantial profits and, on other occasions, result in the rapper parting with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This latest wager by Drake comes on the heels of a similar instance a few months ago, when he wagered an even larger sum on Paul to secure a knockout victory over Tommy Fury in their February bout.

On that occasion, Drake placed a $400,000 bet on Paul, who ultimately succumbed to a split decision loss against Fury—marking the first defeat on Paul's professional record.

Following the outcome, Paul humorously alluded to the "Drake curse," jesting that his setback could be attributed to it. He quipped, “$400,000 is nothing to him. He’s won a lot more money betting on me before so he’s probably about even now. Sorry, Drake,” Paul noted after the fight.

It is evident that Drake has chosen a divergent path this time, directing his financial support towards Diaz. Despite being consistently regarded as the underdog against Paul since the match was initially announced, Diaz is now bolstered by the confidence and backing of the hip-hop icon.


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