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Drake lauds Israel Adesanya after winning $2.7 Million at UFC 287

LockerRoom Team
11 April 2023

Drake is happy with Israel Adesanya’s huge win at UFC 287. The singer DM’d Israel Adesanya on Instagram last day and said Adesanya was ‘an insane manifestation artist’.

“You are an insane manifestation artist,” Drake wrote to Adesanya.

Adesanya went on to share the DM on his Instagram page and gave a message to the fans as well.

“User your imagination to power your manifestation,” Adesanya wrote on his Instagram page.

Drake had placed some huge bets on Israel Adesanya and Jorge Masvidal ahead of UFC 287 and it paid off as well.

Adesanya secured a second-round KO win against Alex Pereira at UFC 287 and this helped Drake win a whopping $2.7 Million Dollars.

What is the Drake Curse?

The Drake curse is a superstition that claims that whenever the Canadian rapper Drake shows support for a particular sports team or athlete, they are likely to suffer a loss or a series of losses soon after. The curse has become a popular phenomenon in recent years, with many sports fans and analysts discussing its potential impact on the outcomes of various sports events.

The origins of the Drake curse are believed to date back to 2013, when Drake, a noted sports fan, began publicly supporting various teams and athletes. The curse is said to have started with his support of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, who suffered a loss in the NCAA tournament shortly after Drake was spotted wearing their jersey.

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Since then, many other teams and athletes have been affected by the curse, including soccer teams like Manchester City, Arsenal, and Paris Saint-Germain, as well as individual athletes like Conor McGregor and Anthony Joshua. In each case, Drake has been seen wearing their team colours or posting messages of support on social media, only for the team or athlete to suffer a loss or a series of setbacks soon after.

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Despite its popularity, the Drake curse is widely dismissed by sceptics as a mere coincidence, and there is little scientific evidence to support its existence. However, some athletes and teams have taken the curse seriously, with some even requesting that Drake refrain from showing support for them in order to avoid any potential bad luck.


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