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What rule did this athlete violate? Chael Sonnen defends Daniella Hemsley

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Calendar Icon20 July 2023

Renowned MMA analyst and former UFC Star Chael Sonnen expressed bewilderment over a recent incident involving boxer Daniella Hemsley, who was banned from competing in Kingpyn's final show after flashing the fans following a hard-fought win.

“I have never seen where this athlete confirmed to be female. The men do not have a choice, they are required to compete shirtless. Specifically, what rule did this athlete violate? Specifically who made this decision?,” Sonnen wrote on Twitter.

The incident has raised questions about rule violations and the decision-makers behind the ban. The specific rule that Hemsley allegedly violated is related to her post-fight celebration, where she shockingly exposed herself.  

In contrast, male athletes are mandated to compete shirtless as part of the sport's standard regulations.

Despite the victory that marked her first boxing win, Hemsley's emotional response to the triumph led to her disqualification from Kingpyn's highly anticipated final show. The decision, made by Kingpyn officials, was aimed at upholding the event's rules and maintaining the integrity of the sport.

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As the controversy unfolds, fans and fighters alike are left contemplating the implications of the incident, and its impact on the sport's gender-specific regulations. The incident has sparked a broader discussion about gender equality and the need for consistent and fair rules within the sport of boxing.

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The reaction from Sonnen was met with mixed reactions on Twitter with some people mocking Sonnen when others decided to support the claim from Sonnen.

What do you think of the take from Sonnen? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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