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It needs to be booted: Eddie Hearn reacts to Daniella Hemsley celebration

LockerRoom Team
18 July 2023

Daniella Hemsley shocked the world with her celebration this past weekend.

While numerous fans worldwide may have cheered and expressed surprise at the unexpected display of breasts during a recent celebration by an influencer-turned-boxer, promoter Eddie Hearn held a different perspective.

During a Kingpyn Boxing event in Dublin on Saturday, Daniella Hemsley emerged victorious with a unanimous decision against Aleksandra Daniel, unveiling her bare breasts in front of the camera. The incident quickly became viral.

“My opinion is, I hate it. I hate it. We’ve worked so hard for women in boxing to be respected for their ability, for their merits, for their hard work. One thing we must understand is that ain’t boxing. That needs to be pushed. All that stuff – Misfits, Kingpyn, all that stuff. It needs to be booted so far away from professional boxing, and we really need to disassociate ourselves with what it is,” Hearn told (via MMA Junkie)

Hearn acknowledged that his viewpoint might sound preachy, but when asked about it recently, he distanced himself from the moment and proposed that traditional professional boxing should distinguish itself from the realm of celebrity and influencer boxing matches.

“It does great numbers. It’s entertainment. It’s all of those things, and what we saw there (with Hemsley). For me, what I’m trying to do and what we’ve been doing for years and years, the sacrifices people have made to be respected – again, it’s not boxing. But at the same time, I think it’s more of a reflection of society than a reflection of good or bad for boxing. I don’t like it.”

As the celebration circulated widely on social media on Saturday, some fans echoed the sentiments expressed by Hearn.


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