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Not true that Khabib Nurmagomedov never got beat up, says Firas Zahabi

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03 April 2022

Khabib Nurmagomedov retired with an undefeated professional MMA record of 29-0 to his name and was dominant throughout his UFC career. Firas Zahabi, however, feels that names like Khabib, Georges St. Pierre, and Jon Jones have taken ‘many beatings’ during their career.

Firas talked about the same during his recent appearance on the Blood Brothers podcast.

"It's not true that Khabib never got beat up. You guys just never seen it because by the time he got to professional, he had so many amateur fights... A lot of professionals nowadays turn professional too early, too fast, too soon... but fighters like Khabib had hundreds of amateur fights... Georges St-Pierre, you didn't see the beatings he got but he got many beatings in his amateur career... Jon Jones used to have a 50-50 [win-loss record], like his wrestling matches, he would win one, lose one... They were not shining stars from the cradle,” he said (via SportsKeeda).

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Prior to joining the UFC, Khabib had a long run in the Russian domestic circuit where he piled up an undefeated record as well. Khabib fought in promotions such as ProFC, M-1 Selection, Pancration Atrium Cup, and Tsumada Fighting Championship among others.

Georges St. Pierre, who closely worked with Firas Zahabi, meanwhile, ended his career with a record of 26-2 to his name and avenged both his losses during his career. GSP also won the UFC world titles in two weight classes.

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