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There is pressure on Joshua Pacio to defeat me for his team, says Jarred Brooks

LockerRoom Team
24 December 2021

The entry of Jarred Brooks into ONE Championship was nothing short of extraordinary. Brooks took out a top-five name in the ONE Strawweight division and that too, from Team Lakay.

The former Bellator and UFC fighter has his eyes set on the ONE Strawweight title next and interestingly, the title is now in the hands of another Team Lakay star Joshua Pacio.

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Speaking to ONE Championship, Brooks said that there will be some pressure on Pacio to get the win for his team considering that Brooks outclassed Lito Adiwang.

“Yeah, there is that pressure underneath him to have to win for his team. Josh has a fighting IQ, and I understand that he has a fighting IQ. But at the end of the day, this is a chess match, and I think I’ve been doing mixed martial arts – all of the mixed martial arts – more than Josh compared to his wushu background and stuff like that,” Brooks noted.

Brooks is looking for a showdown with Hiroba Minowa first and then wants to fight Pacio for the title. But whenever the fight happens,  Brooks says that he is going to be prepared for it.

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“I’m one fight away from fighting Josh. I think that Minowa’s number one on the list. Then we go from there, and we got Pacio. And that’s up to him. That’s just a waiting game. I’m ready to fight right after Hiroba if he wants to go. But he needs to get really, really prepared. I really want to have a good fight with Josh, and I don’t want it to necessarily go the distance, but I want to feel that thing in the back of my head like, ‘Oh, yeah, this guy’s really good.’ You know?,” he added.

What do you think of a potential clash between Brooks and Pacio? Let us know in the comment section of the article below.

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