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When Zusje showcased her shocking disfigured face after a fight

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Calendar Icon04 February 2024

Polish MMA fighter and social media sensation Kamila Smogulecka, popularly known as 'Zusje,'  shared a video on her Instagram account, offering a candid look at the aftermath of injuries sustained in one of her previous fights. The footage displayed a disfigured face and a purple eye, showcasing the toll of her intense battles inside the ring.

Smogulecka, recognized for her distinctive appearance, gained prominence on the European MMA circuit and has amassed a substantial online following, boasting over 8 million TikTok followers and 3.5 million Instagram followers. The fighter has also ventured into exclusive content creation on OnlyFans, a move that has further solidified her connection with a dedicated fan base.

In the video, Smogulecka provided insights into her recovery journey from the gruesome injuries, demonstrating the resilience that defines her fighting spirit. She revealed that the injuries occurred during the first round of a match, and despite the disfigurement, she fought the entire distance, ultimately losing on points. The fighter emphasized that her full recovery took less than a month.

While the specific fight leading to these injuries remains unclear, it is suggested that the disfiguring incident may have taken place during Smogulecka's Lethwei debut match against Aniela Bogusz in High League 3. Lethwei, also known as Burmese boxing, is a brutal full-contact combat sport from Myanmar, incorporating headbutts and various stand-up strikes.

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Another potential event where Smogulecka could have sustained such injuries is her bout against Marta Linkiewicz in March 2020, resulting in a unanimous decision loss.

The video not only provides a glimpse into the physical challenges faced by fighters like Smogulecka but also underscores the resilience and determination that defines their journey in the demanding world of combat sports.


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