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BRAVE CF 73 Co-Main Event: Makovsky and Queiroz Vie for Title Opportunity

LockerRoom Team
11 August 2023

Zach Makovsky and Flavio Queiroz have found common ground as they approach their BRAVE CF 73 Flyweight co-main event showdown. Both fighters share the belief that the victor in their upcoming match should earn the right to contend for the championship belt, which has yet to be introduced.

Presently situated in Colombia, both athletes are meticulously refining their preparations for the highly anticipated 125-pound bout. This fight holds the co-headlining position during a momentous week for MMA in Latin America as BRAVE CF 73 takes the lead in the BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week festivities, in conjunction with the IMMAF Pan-American Championship.

‘’I know the division is in turmoil right now. The tournament is exciting but a lot of things have happened and now I’m here. I have been the first Flyweight champion in two other organizations and I think I’m destined to be the first BRAVE CF Flyweight world champion. I will beat Zach Makovsky in the second round and call out for the title. Whoever wins between Zach and I deserves that opportunity’’, said Queiroz.

Zach and Flavio are poised to exhibit their respective skill sets before a worldwide audience, aiming to solidify their claims for a shot at the world title. Makovsky, their opposing contender, shares this perspective, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to etching his name into the annals of history.

Zach further underscores how his extensive experience could play a pivotal role when the two competitors square off. Notably, the American fighter boasts nearly double the number of bouts compared to his Brazilian counterpart, with 32 matches against Queiroz's 17.

‘’I agree with Flavio. The division needs to move on and I believe the winner of the BRAVE CF 73 co-main event is deserving of that shot at the world title. I really do believe that. I have more experience, and I think that helps, but Flavio has a lot of experience of his own, he has 17 fights which is a fair amount to have. We match up well, I don’t think there’s a big gap in skillset in any department but I’m confident in myself, and I could see a third round finish coming’’


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