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BRAVE CF Flyweight belt is my main goal, says Zach Makovsky

LockerRoom Team
08 August 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation's Zach Makovsky has a score to settle within the Flyweight division of the most prominent global MMA promotion.

Representing the USA, Makovsky is slated to go head-to-head against Brazil's Flavio Queiroz in the co-main event of BRAVE CF 73, set to unfold in Bogota, Colombia, on August 12. This pivotal clash possesses the potential to reshape the division's landscape and usher in new opportunities for the triumphant contender.

Makovsky's unwavering pursuit of the BRAVE CF title is so profound that he maintains the organization's logo and championship belt as his cellphone wallpaper.

“It's still on there, it’s still on my phone. That belt is my main goal,” Makovsky articulates.

This emblem has adorned his device since his showdown against Kazakhstan's Asu Almabaev at BRAVE CF 60. A highly respected figure in the sporting world, Makovsky's track record includes competing at the highest echelons.

Despite making an impressive debut at BRAVE CF with a resounding victory over the formidable Russian Velimurad Alkhasov, the American encountered a few stumbling blocks. He encountered two closely contested split decision losses in subsequent battles, one in a rematch against Alkhasov and another against Almabaev.

While these encounters didn't yield victory, Makovsky retains unshakable confidence in his capabilities, asserting his superiority over his last two opponents.

“When Asu and Velimurad were in there, I viewed myself as one of the top guys who would compete for the title. Obviously, I had fights with them that could have gone either way and one that I think I definitely won. The BRAVE CF title is something that I would love to accomplish before I ultimately stop,” Makovsky adds, boasting a record of 21-11.

A prospective second bout with Alkhasov would carry considerable stakes, serving as a rematch of their initial encounter within the inaugural BRAVE CF Flyweight Tournament. Regrettably, Makovsky exited the tournament's first round following a hard-fought split decision. The tournament itself witnessed its share of turbulence and disappointment.

Not only did "Fun Size" falter at a pivotal juncture, but the competition was marred by the tragic news of finalist Ali Bagautinov's son's passing. Bagautinov subsequently took indefinite leave, and in light of his mourning, the Flyweight tournament was suspended by the promotion.

“The tournament got crazy and didn't work out the way it was planned to, obviously. But that's one of the difficult things about tournaments, I think. A ton of stuff happens. The personal tragedy with Ali (Bagautinov), and then injuries, the pandemic, and the subsequent lockdown, it all became a mess,” Makovsky reflects.

In the face of these adversities, Makovsky retains his poise and focus, resolutely aiming to ascend to the division's summit and seize the illustrious BRAVE CF belt. His unwavering quest continues, with the next chapter set to unfold in Bogota.

BRAVE CF 73 will bring the curtain down on the BRAVE Pan American Combat Week, spanning from August 10 to August 13, promising to mark a historic milestone as the largest mixed martial arts event in Colombian history.


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