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BRAVE CF 73: Zach Makovsky vs. Flavio Queiroz Fight Preview

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Calendar Icon08 August 2023

BRAVE CF 73 is poised to witness a clash of generations and styles as two of the finest 125-pound athletes from different eras go head-to-head in the co-main event in Bogota, Colombia, on August 12.

Representing the USA, Zach "Fun Size" Makovsky, and hailing from Brazil, Flavio "Flavinho" Queiroz, are destined to collide in what promises to be Colombia's most significant mixed martial arts spectacle yet, with the stakes reaching remarkable heights.

With former top contenders Jose Torres and Velimurad Alkhasov transitioning to the Bantamweight division, the path to the championship is now wide open, presenting Makovsky and Queiroz with an opportunity of great importance.

This upcoming showdown is a captivating clash between "old school" and "new school," where the 40-year-old Makovsky squares off against the 31-year-old Queiroz within the BRAVE CF cage next Saturday.

Makovsky's martial arts journey began long before his upcoming opponent even entered the scene. Like many young American boys, his passion for wrestling ignited at the age of six, culminating in his captaincy of the D1 college wrestling team.

Transitioning seamlessly into MMA, he honed his skills alongside renowned global MMA superstar Eddie Alvarez in Philadelphia. Makovsky adeptly leveraged his strengths, resulting in a successful transition. Since fully committing to MMA in 2006, his wrestling prowess has remained a formidable asset. Boasting 21 victories out of 32 fights, "Fun Size" has dominated opponents across prestigious promotions, employing his swift movement, adept distance control, and high-level grappling.

Despite experiencing challenges upon joining the leading MMA promotion, with just one victory and two closely contested split-decision losses, his determination to claim the BRAVE CF title remains unwavering.

As he embarks on this new title pursuit, Makovsky recognizes the significance of this opportunity, possibly marking his final chance at global glory. He is keenly aware that summoning his utmost strength and skill will be essential as he faces off against one of Brazil's most electrifying athletes.

Queiroz's journey commenced as a stand-up fighter in Montes Verdes, Minas Gerais state, where he engaged in Muay Thai before attaining the status of a Black Belt.

With a remarkable record of ten wins and only two losses in mixed martial arts, his potential was recognized by former BRAVE CF champion Lucas Mineiro, urging him to wholeheartedly pursue his MMA career.

This encouragement led him to make his debut on the BRAVE CF stage at a moment's notice during BRAVE CF 25. In rapid succession, he validated his worth on the rapidly growing MMA platform, securing a first-round submission victory over Jean Felipe Souze.

While boasting two wins and two losses under the BRAVE CF banner, Queiroz's defeats have solely come against top-tier contenders, including Velimurad Alkhasov and Azat Maksum. His most recent bout showcased a triumphant rebound, culminating in a significant KO triumph over Igor Taylon at BRAVE CF 60.

In 2018, Queiroz etched his name in history as the inaugural Thunder Fight Flyweight champion, and now, with undeterred determination, he aims to extend his legacy by becoming the premier BRAVE CF Flyweight champion. The forthcoming match between Makovsky, known for his grinding approach, and the naturally adept stand-up athlete Flavio promises an enthralling spectacle for BRAVE Nation fans.

While Makovsky might possess speed, superior distance control, and wrestling expertise, Flavio, who also boasts a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, packs a more powerful punch, is more resistant to takedowns, and wields a comprehensive striking arsenal.

Makovsky and Queiroz derive motivation from distinct sources, yet they share a common pursuit. As August 12 approaches, the stage is set to determine who possesses the greater desire to claim the coveted 125-pound championship belt.


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