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Marry Me: Valentina Shevchenko leaves fans in awe with new dance video

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon14 October 2023

In a delightful departure from the intense world of the UFC, former Flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko has set social media ablaze with a captivating dance video posted on her Instagram page. However, it's not just her smooth moves that have fans talking; the comment section has become a virtual love fest, with a myriad of proposals pouring in for the MMA sensation.

The Instagram video features Shevchenko showcasing her dance prowess, revealing a more playful side of the fighter known for her dominance in the octagon. As the music played, fans couldn't resist expressing their admiration and affection, turning the comments section into a proposal hotspot.

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Among the myriad of responses, some fans playfully inquired about the whereabouts of Shevchenko's boyfriend, adding a touch of humor to the light-hearted proposals. Others took a more unconventional approach, like one fan who humorously declared, "When she retires I’ll make my first attempt at Ala kachuu," showcasing the diverse ways fans are expressing their affection for the fighter.

The comment section witnessed a spectrum of emotions, ranging from playful banter to sincere declarations of love. One enthusiastic follower exclaimed, "I think I'm in love," encapsulating the sentiment of many captivated viewers who found themselves enchanted by Shevchenko's dance moves.

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The mention of the "Wonder Woman movement: the Lynda Carter one" adds an extra layer of pop culture reference, emphasizing the crossover appeal of Shevchenko's charisma beyond the confines of the UFC arena.

As the dance video continues to circulate on social media, it has become a focal point for fans, offering a refreshing and heartwarming glimpse into the personal side of a fighter often associated with her ferocity in the cage. The unexpected outpouring of proposals and adoration in the comments section adds a touch of romance and humor to Valentina Shevchenko's already illustrious career, showcasing the diverse and passionate fanbase that follows her every move.


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