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Is Valentina Shevchenko Single? When Shevchenko shot down a flirt

LockerRoom Team
13 October 2023

Valentina Shevchenko, the celebrated UFC Women's Flyweight Champion, has always been in the limelight for her remarkable fighting skills and captivating beauty. Known as 'The Bullet,' she effortlessly balances her ferocity inside the octagon with elegance and grace outside of it, amassing a global fan following. Recently, the Russian sensation found herself in the spotlight again when a bold reporter took a direct approach to inquire about her relationship status during a press conference ahead of UFC 289.

The UFC star, boasting an impressive record of 23-4-0, has been a subject of admiration and speculation throughout her career. However, this time, the attention took a more personal turn as Conor White, a daring reporter, seized the opportunity to delve into Valentina Shevchenko's personal life.

In a candid moment during the Q&A session with Shevchenko and Julianna Pena, Conor White directed his questions exclusively to 'The Bullet.' With a hint of audacity, he asked, "I’ve got two questions. Both for Valentina. One, are you single? Two, do you want my number?"

The unexpected inquiry garnered attention not just for its boldness but also for the UFC star's graceful response. Valentina Shevchenko, 35, acknowledged the questions with gratitude and replied, "Thank you. I am single, and I am not sure about the number."

Fans around the world applauded the reporter's straightforward approach, appreciating the candidness and the willingness to explore beyond the realm of the ring. Valentina Shevchenko's openness about her relationship status showcased a level of transparency that resonated with fans, adding an intriguing twist to the usual pre-fight press conference dynamics.

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As the UFC star gears up for UFC 289, the buzz around her personal life adds an extra layer of anticipation to an already highly anticipated event. Valentina Shevchenko's ability to handle unexpected questions with grace and poise further solidifies her status not just as a champion inside the cage but also as an intriguing personality outside of it.


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