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WWE Influence: Fans feel that Michelle Waterson was robbed at UFC 287

LockerRoom Team
08 April 2023

In a split-decision victory over Michelle Waterson at UFC 287, Luana Pinheiro continued her winning streak. The preliminary fight card for the event featured a matchup of ranked strawweight. 10th-ranked Michelle Waterson competed against 15th-ranked Luana Pinheiro.

After losing four of her previous five fights, Waterson entered the bout wanting to halt a two-fight losing streak and regain her composure. Pinheiro aimed to advance in the rankings, defeat an experienced senior division fighter, and make it nine straight victories.

Using front kicks and jabs, Waterson attempted to keep Pinheiro outside the cage by taking control of the centre of the cage. She kicked with her legs as Pinheira attempted a powerful toss. In the first round, Waterson struck with a head kick and a spinning back elbow.

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With a high front kick towards the end of the round, Waterson brought Pinheiro to the ground. Pinheiro exploded forward in the closing moments with a crisp right hand and a combination. Although it was insufficient to win the round, it halted Waterson-progress.

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In the end, Pinheiro won the fight by a unanimous vote of the judges. For Pinheiro, the scorecards read 29-28, 28-29, and 29-28. The crowd was divided.

You can see some reactions below.

“WWE influence?  What a joke.  Pinheiro looked like she was getting schooled in some of those exchanges. UFC Promotional judging strikes again.”

“Waterson got robbed. Seems to be a trend lately with the judges”

“Judges don’t like Michelle Waterson yo lol”

“Waterson won the fight you clown, judges screwed her. Regardless It’s her 6th loss In a row”

“Whoever judges picked Luana over Waterson should retire.”

“Robbery? Close fight? Good decision? It's a Michelle Waterson fight aka- doesn't freakin matter”

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What a joke, even Luana seemed surprised by the decision. Last scorecard 30-27 against Cynthia Cavillo. No way you give all 3 rounds to Lupida. It's like the undercard fights don't matter, especially the women. I could be wrong, but these questionable decisions always favor the fighter that the UFC is anxious to promote. Think about Dan Miraglitti, always looking lost as a ref, judges a 30-27 scorecard to give Macee Barber the win over Andrea Lee. Looks bad, and smells bad.


Do we see a pattern here? Decisions that always favor the fighter that the UFC is anxious to promote. Even Luana seemed surprised by the decision!

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