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Step on my face: Fan asks Tabatha Ricci for feet pictures in DM, fighter reacts

LockerRoom Team
12 March 2023

MMA fans can be crazy at times. Tabatha Ricci apparently found this in her DM recently when she got a weird request from a fan.

Ricci, who recently secured a huge win over Jessica Penne, shared a picture of a fan’s DM on Twitter today. The fan was asking Ricci for feet pictures and in fact, a series of messages were sent to Ricci across three hours.

“Can I Please buy pictures of your feet. I’am willing to do whatever you say in order for you to send me pictures of your feet or shoes miss, Please. Do you have Cashapp. Step of my face,” the fan noted as per the screenshot.

Ricci shared the screenshot with the caption ‘WTF’ which is apparently her reaction to the whole situation.

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Interestingly, the reveal from Ricci comes only a few days after Alexa Grasso’s video went viral. The newly crowned UFC Flyweight champion was requested by a fan to show her feet during an Instagram live and surprisingly, Grasso obliged and went on to show her feet.

Meanwhile, there are some interesting responses below Ricci's post.

“Hey... Felice Herrig made $500,000 off feet pics.  LOL”

“No, thanks!” is all you gotta say not make a story of it”

“You can tell him sharks don't have feet”

“If I send you pics of my feet and you send them to him pretending they're yours, can we split the money. I need a new couch.””

“You can outsource that offer onto me. We could split the profit 50/50”

“Do it. You could make some fun money lol”

What do you think about the weird request that Ricci got? Let us know in the comments below.


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