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Sanjana George shares her experience in WWE, dropped plans, more

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Calendar Icon19 April 2023

Former WWE girl Sanjana George was recently interviewed by the Malayalam media outlet Manorama Online. Sanjana, who is an Indian MMA fighter and an obstacle racer, is currently training out of Combat Fitness Cult in Kochi, Kerala under Jophiel Lal.

Speaking during the interview, Sanjana opened up about her experience in WWE and detailed why she transitioned into being a referee. You can see the exclusive translation of Sanjana’s interview below.

The difference between MMA and WWE

I’m basically an introvert. I used to be embarrassed when I went in front of the camera. In WWE, we have coaches to teach us all these. In MMA, we learn to avoid falling but in WWE, it is all about taking bumps.

It was a big change for more. In MMA, when you get kicked or punched, you are not supposed to show that it hurt you. However, in WWE, you have to make the audience believe that you are in pain. I had to break many habits related to MMA and it was an adjustment for me.

WWE being scripted

We all know that WWE is scripted. But at the same time, it’s a skill to be able to do things perfectly. Not everyone can handle that pain. The chair shots, the falls, the jumps, everything requires some courage that not everyone has. Something should be crazy in you to be wanting to do all these and not have fear when you do this.

About the Vish Kanya Character and why she chose that

It is always said that you should take a character that you find yourself in. The character should be chosen in such a way that it amplifies your real character traits. Everything you do would be like the character and the audience will see you as the character.

I wanted to identify as a silent assassin character. My story was that I was the last living Vish Kanya and the story that I made was that all the Vish Kanyas were killed off during witch trials as they had different coloured hair and eyes. The idea was for me to have revenge for all these killings.

Transitioning into being a referee in WWE

I trained in the performance centre for 1.5 years to become a wrestler. At one point, WWE wanted to put talents quickly into television. But at the same time, I was working with wrestlers who had the experience of close to ten years or so. I needed more time to keep up with them and reach their level.

I had a discussion with the WWE and the team asked whether I would be interested in being a referee. They said that I would be on TV quickly and there might be other opportunities as well. And based on this, I appeared as a referee.

The changes that WWE brought to her

I’m more confident now. I’m not shivering anymore when I come in front of the camera. Before I went there, I was not much into makeup and other such activities. I was in workout clothes all the time. But when I went there, I had to dress well because I was representing WWE. My clothing style changed, my hair changed and a lot of things changed.

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