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VIDEO: Sammy Jo Luxton gets TKO win despite shocking incident in fight week

LockerRoom Team
12 March 2024

In a display of remarkable strength and resilience, British mixed martial artist and Muay Thai fighter Sammy Jo Luxton secured her second consecutive victory with a stunning stoppage over Agata Truskolaska at FCC 37. However, behind the scenes of this impressive win lies a deeply emotional story of loss and perseverance.

Luxton, who hails from the United Kingdom, revealed that her grandmother tragically passed away during fight week, casting a shadow of grief over what should have been a moment of focus and preparation. Despite this heartbreaking loss, Luxton chose to honor her grandmother's memory by stepping into the cage and delivering a performance that showcased her determination and dedication to her craft.

In a heartfelt statement following her victory, Luxton shared, "One of the reasons this win meant so much to me was the fact my grandma passed away out of the blue the week before the fight. I’ve cried every day in the gym since so the pure happiness on me and my corner teams faces means everything to me."

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This poignant admission sheds light on the emotional turmoil Luxton endured in the lead-up to her bout, highlighting the immense personal sacrifices athletes often make in pursuit of their goals. Despite grappling with grief, Luxton channeled her emotions into her training, using her time in the gym as both a sanctuary and a source of solace.


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