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WATCH: MMA Fighter and Princess: Sammy Jo Luxton shares crazy transformation

LockerRoom Team
05 March 2024

Sammy Jo Luxton, a formidable Muay Thai and MMA fighter, has captured the attention of fans with her jaw-dropping transformation both inside and outside the cage. In a captivating video shared on social media, Luxton offers a glimpse into her dual identity as a fighter and a princess, showcasing her remarkable versatility and prowess.

The video showcases Luxton in two contrasting personas: on non-fighting days, she exudes elegance and grace, adorned in fancy dress attire fit for a princess. However, when fight day arrives, Luxton unleashes her inner warrior, stepping into the cage with fierce determination and ferocity.

In the electrifying footage, Luxton is seen dominating her opponent with precision strikes and relentless aggression, culminating in a powerful knockout victory. The contrast between her serene demeanour off the mat and her explosive performance inside the cage highlights the multifaceted nature of Luxton's talent and character.

You can watch the video below:


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