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Who is Sammy Jo Luxton? What you need to know about the MMA fighter

LockerRoom Team
04 March 2023

Sammy Jo Luxton is a Muay Thai and MMA fighter hailing from Devon in England. She has already made her mark in the Muay Thai circuit and was the first female to win the WBC Muay Thai U18 title as per her.

Fights in Muay Thai

She started learning Muay Thai at a young age itself. Sammy convinced her parents that it was necessary for her to learn Muay Thai and after that, persuaded her parents to let her step into the ring to fight. One thing led to another and Sammy soon had nearly 70 fights on her resume.

When she was 16 years old, Sammy decided to head to the Muay Thai World Championships in Thailand and ended up winning the WBC British U18 Title later.

It was in 2020 that Sammy decided to give up on her other ventures and focus on fighting full-time. For this, she moved to Leeds from her hometown of Devon.  

With a huge social media following on her resume, Sammy was in the limelight recently when she appeared on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather at the O2 Arena in London back in February, 2023.

Sammy made her boxing debut against MMA fighter Hayley Barraclough at the event and came out with a win.

Transition to MMA and signing with PFL

Sammy recently announced on her social media pages that she has signed up with the PFL.

"Best kept secret - I’ve signed to PFL! @PFLMMA. I’ve made the switch to MMA and I have been grinding away at @McrTopTeam. I will be making my debut in the smartcage later this year,” Sammy noted on social media.

She is expected to make her PFL debut during the PFL Europe events the first of which is expected to happen on March 25, 2023.

Story behind the nickname of Sammy Jo Luxton

Sammy is known as the Ghetto Cinderella and as per the fighter, there is a funny story behind the same.

“It is actually from an EX-Boyfriend which I hate. But we were listening to a song and he was like you are actually a ghetto Cinderella. I was like, I actually am. So it stuck from there,” she noted in an interview after announcing her PFL Signing.

What do you think the future holds for Sammy Jo Luxton? Let us know in the comments below.


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