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Rahul Panicker: The Arm Wrestling King that you should now

LockerRoom Team
17 December 2022

Rahul Panicker is a well-known and highly respected figure in the world of arm wrestling. He has been competing professionally for over a decade and has achieved a high level of success in both national and international competitions.

Starting his Arm Wrestling Journey as a teenager

Panicker was born and raised in Kerala and he first became interested in arm wrestling as a teenager. He began practicing and competing in local arm-wrestling tournaments, and quickly developed a reputation as a skilled and formidable arm wrestler.

He joined a gym in his area in 2003, and his trainer there introduced him to arm wrestling.

“In 2003, when I was in the 10th standard, I joined Life Gym at Edapally. I met Mr Mukundakumar there and he introduced me to arm wrestling. He also introduced me to Coach Sajeesh, who has been my coach since,” Rahul recalled in his interview with Pinklungi.

When Rahul Panicker was in the 12th grade, he gave arm wrestling his first try. He took part in a district competition but lost. He participated in a competition once more during his senior year and came in second.

He developed a deep passion for arm wrestling after that little victory and began toying with the idea of becoming a World Wrestling Federation (WAF) medalist.

Rahul Panicker vs. Larry Wheels

Rahul Panicker held the titles of state champion ten times, national champion eight times, UAE champion, and ninth in the 2019 World Championship.

When he competed and won in an arm wrestling super battle in Dubai against the strongest bodybuilder in the world, Larry Wheels, he made India proud of his achievements.

In an interview, he talked about the win and said that he was not in the right state of mind in the first two rounds.

“After the first 2 rounds, I really got into the feel of that competition. I told myself that I was going to give it all I’ve got even if my hand breaks. After the first 2 rounds my friend Faijas came to me and told me that my mind was not in the competition. He had seen me compete many times and he motivated me by saying that if my mind was fully in the game, there’s no one who can beat me,” he said in the interview.

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Rahul continues to compete across the globe and is hands down one of the most successful arm wrestlers from India.


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