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Raat Raani hopes to follow the footsteps of her idols Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen

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Calendar Icon02 February 2023

For the first time, Bihar boxer Raat Rani has travelled to Madhya Pradesh to compete in the Khelo India Youth Games. Raat Rani, who comes from a village in the Munger area of Bihar, has fought to maintain her passion for boxing. She is one of the best representations of the Khelo India Youth Games' core values because of this quality.

The success of competitions like the Khelo India Youth Games, where amateur athletes are given the opportunity to compete, is evident by the participation of light flyweight boxer Raat Rani, a member of the Bihar squad, in Bhopal. The Khelo India Youth Games' essential qualities are embodied by Raat Rani.

The platform, on the other hand, has been a dream come true for Raat Rani, who aims to one day become a world champion like MC Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen. Raat Rani is regarded as one of the best instances of grassroots talent.

Raat Rani, a native of Hasanganj, a little village in Munger, Bihar, overcame several obstacles to go to the SAI Regional Center. The sixth of a farmer's seven children, Raat Rani, who turns 18 on February 2, struggles to support her family. However, Raat Rani was still able to dream, which she does while awake, not at night but throughout the day.

Working under the guidance of her brother's buddy on the roof of a rented home in Hasanganj to make her dreams come true, Rani had the following to say.

“I am the only girl to play Khelo India Youth Games from Munger. It is a matter of pride for me. I have also played Youth Nationals (in Chennai). I am happy with what I have achieved in the last year and a half, but it is not in everyone's capacity to bear the difficulties I have faced to achieve so much,” she said.

Raat Rani, who in her weight class in Bhopal defeated a Sikkimese boxer in the second round after receiving a first-round bye, recalled practising on the terrace with her brother's buddy while wearing only extremely cheap gloves and no shoes.

“For me the journey to a platform like Khelo India Youth Games is like a dream come true. After coming here, I realized how big the world is and how hard I have to work. I am not afraid of hard work and that is why I stuck to this game despite all the difficulties.”

Raat Rani stated that although she is content with her accomplishments, she is not content because her dream is to emulate Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen and become well-known both domestically and overseas.

“I am proud to be the daughter of Bihar. Whatever I have achieved so far has given me fame in my district but I want to go beyond and win medals for the state and country and the Khelo India platform will be a milestone in my journey. It was very nice to come here. All the games happen here and you get a chance to meet so many players. Some of them are like me but I want to be different from them and that is why I want to win gold first in nationals and then for the country and for this I will work hard,” she added.

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