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UFC president Dana White Announces the launch of Power Slap

LockerRoom Team
16 November 2022

Power Slap, a sanctioned and regulated combat sport centred on competitive open-handed striking was introduced today by UFC President Dana White. Power Slap, an organisation founded by Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Craig Piligian in collaboration with Endeavor and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, will feature fighters from all over the world competing on the biggest stage to display their strength, skill, and commitment.

Athletes will battle to gain a position in the cast house, the inaugural Power Slap rankings, in future Power Slap contests, and global notoriety in the eight-episode series that will introduce the sport on TBS in early 2023.

“I’m very excited for the launch of Power Slap,” said Dana White. “I’ve been working on this since 2017. I saw some footage of slap fighting on social media and I was instantly hooked.  From the first day I saw it, I felt like this could be big. I knew what needed to be done to make it a real sport just like we did with MMA. We got it sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) with defined rules, rankings and weight classes. Power Slap is built for the modern sports fan.”

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