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What is the meaning of the chest tattoo of Polyana Viana? UFC star reveals

LockerRoom Team
31 January 2024

Tattoos and MMA often go hand in hand, and UFC strawweight Polyana Viana has taken her ink game to a unique level with a chest tattoo that reflects her deep passion for Japanese anime, particularly the popular series Naruto.

In a video shared in September 2021, Viana unveiled her distinctive chest tattoo, strategically placed on her sternum and prominently visible during weigh-ins when adorned in Venum gear. While many non-anime enthusiasts might have pondered the significance of the ink, anime fans immediately recognized the design and applauded Viana for sharing their fandom.

Viana's love for Japanese anime, especially Naruto, is evident on her Instagram, featuring various cosplays portraying characters from the iconic series. The tattoo itself is a homage to one of Naruto's formidable antagonists, Pain.

In Naruto's narrative, Pain, initially the leader of the criminal organization Akatsuki, undergoes a complex transformation. He is revealed to be the reanimated form of Yahiko, a compassionate orange-haired character controlled by Nagato Uzumaki, the mastermind with the potent Rinnegan eyes.

Nagato's tragic backstory, marked by childhood orphanhood, the loss of a teenage best friend, and manipulation in a larger scheme as an adult, paints him as a 'broken hero' in the eyes of the anime's fans. This emotional depth resonated with Polyana Viana, prompting her to ink the symbol on her chest.

Viana elaborated on her connection with Pain on TikTok, describing him as her favourite character and expressing admiration for his 'sad and beautiful' storyline. The tattoo, a permanent tribute to this beloved character, stands as a testament to Viana's dual passions for MMA and the intricate narratives of Japanese anime.


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