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From Farmlands to the MMA Cage: Story of Indian MMA Fighter Monjit Yein

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Calendar Icon05 June 2023

The journey has not been easy for Indian MMA fighter Monjit Yein. Fighting out of Bidang MMA and Fitness in Assam under Indian MMA star Bhabajeet Choudhury, his journey to becoming an MMA fighter has been nothing short of extraordinary.

A few years back Monjit was working on the farmlands of his village. He used to tune into Chinese Martial Arts movies and was a big fan of Jackie Chan. While he used to work on his fitness, the lack of facilities in his hometown restricted him from taking up combat sports.

Despite this hurdle, Monjit started training in kickboxing and found a good amount of success as well.

The Conor McGregor inspiration and joining Bidang MMA

Inspired by Conor McGregor, Monjit decided to try his hand at MMA and came across a fight of Bhabajeet Choudhury on YouTube.

“I thought he was from Gujarat as he was fighting for the Gujarat Team in Super Fight League. But when I researched about him, I understood that he was from Assam and that he had a gym. I called up and joined Bidang,” Monjit recalled in an exclusive interview with LockerRoom.

Monjit was able to adapt quickly to the atmosphere at Bidang MMA. And one day, when he was hitting the bag at the gym, he was offered a chance to compete at Club Wars, which is an in-house competition held at Bidang MMA featuring athletes from around the North East.

Monjit quickly grabbed the opportunity and the rest was history.

Fight at Bidang Fighting Championship 2 and Future goals

The biggest moment of Monjit’s short fighting career so far came at Bidang Fighting Championship 2 when he went up against Tokho George of Manipur. The fight proved to be a show stealer and it was Monjit that came out on top with a win.

The performance of Monjit gained applause from the fans in attendance but this is only the start of the journey for Monjit.

While he is building his career on one side, he is also spreading awareness about the sport in his hometown.

“In our village, people don’t know much about MMA but they know WWE. So I usually tell them about MMA when people ask me whether I play WWE,” he said.

And when asked about his future he had the following to say.

“I hope to become a professional fighter in MMA just like my coach Bhabajeet Choudhury and I hope that I can do that,” he said.

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