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Karate Combat: Rules, Format and Everything you need to know

Karate Combat is a professional Karate League which started back in April 2018. It is a full-contact Karate League and the promotion has its headquarters in New York.

The brand was founded back in 2018 in order to promote Karate as a combat sport and martial art. It was founded by Michael DePietro and Robert Bryan and has featured many celebrities over the past years.

Former UFC champion Bas Rutten is the official Ambassador of the league which rolls out its matches in the form of seasons.

What is the format of Karate Combat?

Karate Combat follows a seasonal format. The contestants will compete in a seasonal championship with the winner getting a golden belt. The competitors have to abide by the Karate-do etiquette and rules set for the tournament.

The brand also has multiple weight classes ranging from Women’s Flyweight to Men’s Heavyweight. So far, 28 episodes of the brand have been broadcasted. In the first season, there were six episodes and the following two seasons had 12 episodes each.

What are the Karate Combat Rules?

A 6,5 x 6,5 (21'4" × 21'4") square combat pit with 45° angled walls is where the fighting takes place. Each round of a bout lasts three minutes, while championship fights may feature an additional two rounds.

The 10-point must system for scoring is based on aggression and the effectiveness of attacks. Each battle is judged by three judges who stand surrounding the combat area. If a player is knocked out, scoring cards are not used.

Karate belts, mouthpieces, groyne pads for male competitors, long karate trousers with official designs, and 4 oz gloves are all required pieces of equipment.

Elbows, submissions, and wrestling are not allowed. While a standing opponent may employ ground punches, a grounded opponent may use upkicks. Any opponent who is lying down for longer than 5 seconds shall be raised to their feet by the referee.

Who are the Karate Combat Champions?

You can see the current Karate Combat Champions below.

  • Karate Combat Middleweight Champion: Ross Levine
  • Karate Combat Welterweight Champion: Josh Quayhagen
  • Karate Combat Lightweight champion: Luiz Victor Rocha
  • Karate Combat Bantamweight Champion: Eoghan Chelmiah

What are the weight classes in Karate Combat?

Karate Combat has the following weight classes

  • Heavyweight: No Limit
  • Light Heavyweight: 93 KG (205 LBS)
  • Middleweight: 84 KG (185 LBS)
  • Welterweight: 75 KG (165 LBS)
  • Lightweight: 68 KG (150 LBS)
  • Bantamweight: 61 KG (135 LBS)
  • Women’s Bantamweight: No Limit
  • Women’s Flyweight: 55 KG (121 LBS)

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