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Why the father of Kamaru Usman and Mohammed Usman spent 10 years in jail

LockerRoom Team
09 August 2022

Kamaru Usman and Mohammed Usman have done enough to make their father proud. Kamaru Usman is a former The Ultimate Fighter Winner and is one of the most dominant champions in the UFC at the moment. Mohammed Usman, on the other recently won The Ultimate Fighter and has put the Heavyweight division on notice.

While it seems like sunshine and rainbows for the Usman, this wasn’t the case a few years back.

Why Kamaru Usman’s father went to prison

Kamaru Usman’s family moved to the United States in the 90s when Usman was just eight years old. His father started a career in Pharmaceuticals after this migration. Things went smooth for the Usman family for more than a decade.

However, in 2009, the SWAT Team showed up at the house of the Usman family and arrested Usman’s father Muhammed Usman on charges of multiple false claims submitted by his ambulance company.

Muhammed Usman was found guilty of 14 federal offences, received a 180-month prison term, and was ordered to pay $1.3 million in restitution in May 2010, 11 months after his arrest. He served 10 of the 15 years of his sentence in a Texas prison before being freed.

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Kamaru Usman opened up about this incident during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience and noted that the Justice system of the United States of America turned a blind eye toward his father.

“One thing that I really haven’t really shared with anybody… very, very few people know that my father has been incarcerated since 2009. This is the first time I have really talked about it. My dad was… it goes to test the justice system here, man… it’s so crooked and so backwards… My dad was a businessman and my dad built one of the very, very big businesses in Dallas.

He owned an ambulance company and… it was one of those situations where my dad hired the people that he thought were the right people to do what he didn’t know… they run the company into the ground and now because my dad was the owner of the company, they put it all on him, even though the people that were doing the things that were wrong in the company admitted to doing the wrong things. But what the court said is that ‘Oh because you own the company, ignorance is not an excuse, so because of that, we’re going to sentence you to 15 years,” Usman noted in the interview (h/t FirstSportz)

Despite being in prison, Kamaru’s father used to watch the fights which were one of the reasons why Kamaru Usman did not want UFC to book his initial fights on pay-per-view.

After Usman’s win at UFC 261 against Jorge Masvidal, he shared an emotional moment with his father inside the Octagon and wrapped the belt around his father.

And now, Mohammed Usman has won The Ultimate Fighter as well which gives their father more reasons to be proud of his sons.

What do you think of the heartbreaking story of Kamaru Usman’s father?


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