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WATCH: Alexa Grasso training her winning move during fight camp

LockerRoom Team
06 March 2023

On Saturday, Alexa Grasso outperformed Valentina Shevchenko by one step, cementing Grasso's place in history.

Shevchenko was defeated by Grasso via fourth-round submission to win the flyweight championship at UFC 285 on Saturday in Las Vegas, ending Shevchenko's run of seven straight title defences. With fewer than 30 seconds left before the final round, Grasso attacked with a rear-naked choke that forced Shevchenko to submit after latching onto her back after a poorly timed spin kick.

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The outcome was not a coincidence, and Grasso voiced her fears that Shevchenko might make a disastrous error.

On Saturday, Grasso won through submission for the second time; this was a method of victory she had not previously used in her career's first ten years. Prior to Joanne Calderwood's tapout in March 2022, Grasso's primary reputation was as a skilled striker.

Shevchenko required her to display a diverse skill set, and she expressed her delight at seeing the results of her hard work on the practice mats come through on fight night.

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The conclusion couldn't have happened at a better moment because Grasso would have either trailed or been tied going into Round 5. Rounds 2 and 3 went to Shevchenko, and Round 1 went to Grasso, according to all three judges.

And now, the video of Grasso practising the move inside her gym ahead of the fight camp has emerged. Grasso is seen practising the same steps which got her the submission win over Valentina Shevchenko.

You can watch the below. What do you think of Grasso's win at UFC 285?


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