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Rigged for UFC Mexico: Fans point out illegal kick from Alexa Grasso at UFC 285

LockerRoom Team
06 March 2023

Alexa Grasso shocked the world last day by securing a submission win over Valentina Shevchenko. The Mexican won the UFC Flyweight title with the win and dethroned Shevchenko who was reigning at the top of the division for a long time.

In the process, Grasso became the first-ever Mexican female fighter to win the UFC World title as well. Interestingly, UFC now has three Mexican champions. Alexa Grasso is the Flyweight champion in the Women’s division while Brandon Moreno is the Flyweight champion in the men’s division.

Yair Rodriguez is the reigning Interim Featherweight champion as well.

This has opened up the Mexican market for UFC and it has set the tone perfectly for UFC to hold an event in Mexico.

Fans are now connecting this with an illegal kick that happened during the UFC 285 co-main event and claims that the fight was rigged.

“Rigged for UFC México Three title fights coming to Mexico city. Alexander v. Yair, Moreno v. Pantoja and not the new "champ" Alexas Grasso v. Bullet... at least that was one Mexican can leave as a champ "That's fuking illegal,” a fan wrote on twitter.

There were some other responses to the illegal kick as well on Twitter which you can see below.

“Grasso was saved by herzog with the stand up and also saved by herzog not calling the illegal strike to a grounded opponent”

“This ref is drunk, Val was being active on top and the ref makes them stand back up? Then a CLEAR illegal kick from Grasso and the ref just let it happen Lmao,”

“This ref is worth f*ck all. Absolutely brutal decision to stand them up, then missing the illegal kick.  Hate to see it because Grasso’s been very good and so has Valentina.  Hate to see ineptitude tarnish great fights.”

“Champ Grasso with clutch sub. However, what an idiot referee. He separated when Valentina was working on the ground and no penalty for Grasso for the illegal strike to the downed opponent.”

What do you think of the takes from the fans on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below. You can get the complete results from UFC 285 here


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