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The recent fight of Floyd Mayweather was in front of a near-empty arena

LockerRoom Team
28 February 2023

Last weekend in London, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. faced off against former Bellator MMA fighter and "Geordie Shore" cast member Aaron Chalmers as part of his retirement exhibition tour. However, few people from across the pond attended to watch "Money" cruise to yet another unimpressive no-decision.

In order to get more people to show up before the cameras started shooting, the promoters decided to lower ticket prices and push back the start time by 30 minutes. Mayweather attributed the empty seats on the fight's limited promotional window as well as a problem with the tickets.

“We did this in one month — not even four weeks. I think the tickets should’ve went on sale a lot faster. My new team is still learning. I have got to take my hat off to them, it’s not their fault. It’s just when we fight in the US, as soon as we announce the fight, tickets are on sale. Here, we announced the fight and the tickets didn’t go on sale until a week or two weeks later,” Mayweather noted in the post-fight press conference.

Social media users referred to the Mayweather-Chalmers result as "embarrassing."

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When Mayweather was the biggest name in boxing, he could demand top cash for a few minutes of laborious effort in the not-too-distant past. It remains to be seen whether this was just a case of poor execution or the general public's disregard for "Money" exhibition matches.

Interestingly, Eddie Hearn had predicted the same prior to the event.

“Where is it on? Thirty what? Somewhere between two and four thousand [PPV buys], if that. I don’t know anyone that even knows Floyd Mayweather is fighting on Saturday. Who is putting the money up for these events? Someone has hired out the O2 Arena thinking that they’re gonna sell out the O2 Arena with Floyd Mayweather and they’re going to do a couple hundred thousand buys on pay-per-view. It’s either going to get cancelled before Saturday, or someone is gonna do their absolute conkers, or people are not going to get paid. One of the three,” he had noted in an interview with The Boxing Social.

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