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VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather dances with ring girl in between rounds

LockerRoom Team
26 February 2023

In a non-championship exhibition fight yesterday night in London, England, Aaron Chalmers, a former Bellator MMA competitor, took on Floyd Mayweather. Since his retirement in 2017, Mayweather has participated in six exhibition boxing battles and seems to be enjoying the less-serious nature of the fights.

For many years, "Money" was the main draw in combat sports, and this past weekend, he showed off his theatrics once more. In between rounds against Chalmers, Mayweather was photographed dancing with a ring lady, much to the joy of the fans. You can see the video below.

For all eight of their eight rounds together, Floyd Mayweather was superior against Aaron Chalmers. In addition to landing powerful blows of his own, "Money" was able to dodge practically every punch the former Geordie Shore star launched at him.

In the ring versus Chalmers, "Money" said he intended to have fun, and it appears that he achieved that goal. The two got into a furious exchange of punches just before one of the rounds ended, and Mayweather did a pirouette on his way back to the corner.

Floyd Mayweather praised Aaron Chalmers' fortitude for persevering through the entire eight rounds of the fight. He acknowledged in his post-fight interview that 'Money' had "woken him up" with a clean blow in round 2 and said he would always remember the battle. After the fight, Chalmers praised Mayweather and expressed his desire to work more closely with people like Jake Paul and KSI.


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