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Ekaterina Vandaryeva proud to break stereotypes with her win in ONE

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Calendar Icon11 March 2024

In a thrilling showdown at ONE Fight Night 20, Ekaterina Vandaryeva secured a decisive victory over Martyna Kierczynska, showcasing her prowess in the ring and defying expectations. Reflecting on her triumph, Vandaryeva offered insights into her preparation, strategy, and the significance of her win on International Women's Day.

Addressing the challenge posed by Kierczynska, Vandaryeva acknowledged her opponent's skill while remaining confident in her own abilities.

"Yeah, she’s a pretty good fighter. Her team is great, she was getting ready and training well but at the same time I knew that she makes mistakes. She goes all out when she moves forward, and I knew that I could get the victory," Vandaryeva remarked, recognizing Kierczynska's strengths and weaknesses.

Despite the hype surrounding Kierczynska leading up to the fight, Vandaryeva remained focused on her own preparation and dismissed the significance of external expectations.

"There was a lot of hype around Martyna before the fight but at the same time, we can’t forget that this is martial arts. The hype doesn't really matter, the fight matters because fights can go in a random direction. They can go in any direction and sometimes when you have a fighter that’s not the strongest but has an awkward style, it can be hard to fight against," she explained, emphasizing the unpredictability of combat sports.

Regarding the key to her victory, Vandaryeva attributed her success to a combination of skills, technique, and strategic awareness.

"I cannot say that there was a particular moment that changed the fight or a particular key that led to my victory. I was just doing everything according to plan. I was using my skills, power, strength, and technique. Martyna is really powerful, and she goes forward but at the same time, that’s her weakness. She has holes in her defense, and I knew if I didn’t scramble and kept everything technical, I was going to get the win," Vandaryeva elaborated, highlighting her tactical approach.

Celebrating her win on International Women's Day, Vandaryeva expressed pride in breaking stereotypes and showcasing the multifaceted nature of female fighters.

"In general, victory feels great but to be able to get the victory on International Women’s Day feels amazing. I feel great. There are so many stereotypes, especially from males about female fighters. When it comes to men, they usually just train but they don’t do anything else. When it comes to female fighters, we do so many things. Of course, we train and fight, but we have our families, cook food, and raise our kids. I’m happy to win on International Women’s Day and I think it proves that we can do everything," Vandaryeva asserted, underscoring the resilience and determination of women in combat sports.


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