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Team Lakay is not only about striking: Danny Kingad recalls his recent win

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Calendar Icon01 March 2023

When Team Lakay's Danny Kingad defeated Eko Roni Saputra at ONE Fight Night 7 over the weekend at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, he was able to demonstrate his grappling, and he is happy about it.

Kingad, a professional mixed martial artist with a record of 15-3, proved to the Indonesian wrestler that he was superior to him in every facet of the sport by winning the striking and grappling battles.

“Our game plan was really focused on striking originally, but I saw that I can stay ahead of him in both striking and wrestling. When he gave me the opening to take him down, I just went for it because I was able to grab a hold of his body and that’s when I decided to do it,” Kingad said in an interview with the GMA Network.

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“We were in a clinch, and he was trying to take me down. I tried to take him down as well and it came to my mind that I could easily do it, even if he is a wrestler. When I was able to lift him, I knew I could take down a wrestler like him,” he added.

After three five-minute rounds, Kingad's outstanding performance resulted in a clear-cut unanimous decision victory over Saputra. The Filipino saw it as ample evidence that Team Lakay boxers are everything than one-dimensional strikers.

“We really did prepare for all aspects. Wrestling, striking, ground game, I should really be prepared for all those things so I can still continue fighting regardless of where the fight goes. We were keen to prove that Team Lakay is not just a strikers-only gym. Ground game, wrestling, striking, all of that, we have it now and we can do it in the circle or in the ring. I proved in my fight that we can do all aspects of MMA,” he added.

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