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Daniela Melchior says Conor McGregor was like a kid in candy store

LockerRoom Team
26 March 2024

Daniela Melchior's career has been on a steady rise, landing significant roles in major franchises like Fast X. Now, she's set to elevate her status even further by joining forces with Hollywood heavyweights Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor in Doug Liman’s upcoming feature, Road House, a remake of the 1989 classic.

Delving into her experience working on the highly anticipated remake, Melchior shared her candid thoughts, particularly regarding McGregor's involvement in the project. Despite being a newcomer to the world of acting, McGregor's enthusiasm and dedication left a lasting impression on the Guardians 3 star.

Before filming began, Melchior expressed her eagerness to observe and learn from Gyllenhaal, renowned as one of Hollywood's most talented actors. However, it was McGregor's transition from UFC champion to actor that intrigued her the most.

Recalling McGregor's demeanor on set, Melchior described the Irish fighter as being "like a little kid in a candy store," eagerly embracing every aspect of the filmmaking process. She was impressed by McGregor's commitment to improvement, noting his enthusiasm for refining his craft with each take.

"I was very elated to work with everyone in general. I was elated to work with Jake, and curious to learn and to watch him work. I was very curious to see how Conor would behave on set because he was doing this for the first time. He just looked like a little kid in a candy store! He was super excited to do everything, and try everything, then to go to the screen and to watch it again, to see what he could improve on. It was very nice and special to watch," Melchior shared.

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McGregor himself has expressed his awe and excitement about the filmmaking process, indicating his deep appreciation for the opportunity to explore a new creative outlet. As Melchior and the rest of the cast and crew of Road House continue their journey, anticipation mounts for McGregor's silver screen debut in this highly anticipated remake.


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