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Dakota Ditcheva talks about comparisons with Ronda Rousey

LockerRoom Team
29 March 2023

Dakota Ditcheva is climbing the ranks quickly. The PFL star is currently undefeated with a professional MMA record of 8-0 to her name and secured her most recent win at PFL Europe 1 against Malin Hermansson.

After the win, Dakota sat down with Ariel Helwani at the MMA Hour for a chat where she addressed the comparisons to Ronda Rousey. She revealed that people compared her to Ronda Rousey after her initial amateur outings. She also noted that she was inspired by Valentina Shevchenko and Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

“Within my first few fights in MMA amateur like there were like some articles about me you know being the next Ronda Rousey and things like that Ronda was quite a big you know. For me to look up to, so yeah they were like the people that have watched obviously [Valentina] Shevchenko and Joanna from Thai boxing so like their Journeys were similar I think that's why I gravitated towards them a lot,” Dakota added.

Speaking further, she revealed that she is a humble person which is why she remains grounded despite the heavy comparisons.

“I think I'm just that type of person anyway I am just like a humble person you know I'm just I love to fight like I've always said if you if I could take the fame away I would still fight you know.

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That's not why I've originally done it. It's not to be famous and become this crazy you know world star or anything it's just kind of happened. I've been fighting but I think I used to say even when I used to get nervous. I used to say if I could fight with no crowd, I would do it you know. I've just kind of learned to put up with that but I think that's what will keep you humble the fact that I just love the sport and my family around me as well we're all the same so I think that'll just keep me very grounded,” she added.

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