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WATCH: Conor McGregor takes on Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House Trailer

LockerRoom Team
26 January 2024

In a surprising move from the octagon to the silver screen, Conor McGregor is set to make his major movie debut in the upcoming Road House remake. The first trailer for the film showcases the UFC superstar prominently, engaging in a fierce showdown with the movie's protagonist, "Dalton," played by Academy Award-nominee Jake Gyllenhaal.

Road House, a modern rendition of the beloved 1989 action film starring Patrick Swayze, features Gyllenhaal as a former UFC fighter who finds himself working as a bouncer in the Florida Keys after facing a downturn in his life. McGregor steps into the role of the antagonist, portraying a menacing heavy employed by a villainous real estate tycoon. The plot unfolds as Gyllenhaal's character must protect his place of employment from being replaced by a resort, setting the stage for intense confrontations between the two fighters.

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Both the UFC and McGregor have been actively promoting the film, with the UFC even allowing director Doug Liman to film scenes during UFC 285. McGregor, not one to shy away from the spotlight, has been enthusiastically sharing updates about his movie role on social media.

Fans can mark their calendars for the premiere of Road House, set to hit Amazon Prime on March 21. As McGregor steps into the realm of acting, the anticipation is high to see how the UFC sensation translates his fighting prowess into the world of cinema in this action-packed remake.


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