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BRAVE CF 74 Main Event Set to Define Legacy in Nantes

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Calendar Icon07 September 2023

The anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as BRAVE CF 74 gears up for a historic main event showdown. On Thursday night, two warriors from opposite hemispheres will vie for the spotlight on France's west coast. The epic Lightweight clash between France's Ylies Djiroun and Brazil's Lucas Martins will not only serve as the grand finale of France's inaugural BRAVE CF event but will also be a battle for supremacy in the coveted 155-pound division.

Djiroun and the decorated former champion Martins will provide a vivid illustration of what it means to vie for a chance at the BRAVE CF Lightweight title. With so much on the line, this bout is poised to etch its place in the annals of BRAVE Combat Federation as one of the most fiercely contested battles in the brand's history.

For Martins (21-6), BRAVE CF 74 offers an opportunity to reclaim the title he once held before facing a series of setbacks, including three losses and eight fight cancellations. The 34-year-old knockout specialist has proven that he can still contend with the best in the world, as evidenced by his triumphant return at BRAVE CF 60, where he knocked out compatriot Henrique Marques. The birth of his daughter has fueled Martins' determination to waste no time in pursuing another World Championship.

On the other hand, Djiroun boasts similar experience, with 26 fights and 19 wins to his name. However, the Frenchman has yet to savor the taste of holding a BRAVE CF belt. The prospect of facing a superstar like Martins on home turf will only fortify the submission specialist's resolve to reach new heights. Despite Djiroun's impressive victories over Abdul-Rakhman Makhazhiev and the formidable former number-one contender Olzhas Eskaraev, Martins has boldly predicted a "first-round knockout" in his quest for a title fight with undisputed champion Abdisalam Kubanychbek.

Martins stated earlier this week, "Djiroun is a good athlete, and he is highly focused. But he has never faced someone like Lucas Martins. When he stands opposite me in the cage and realizes who is in front of him, he will soon show fear in his eyes and revert to his holding game. I am a different athlete now."

Djiroun, a former French Pancrase champion, remains unfazed by Martins' mind games and issued a stern warning: "I can knock you out, Lucas. This is an MMA fight, not a wrestling match. Whether it's via knockout, takedown, or submission, I am ready for any opportunity. I hope you are ready for anything too, Lucas." Djiroun's journey to stardom has been marked by recent challenges, including two wins, one loss, and two fight cancellations.

The build-up and storyline behind this BRAVE CF 74 main event have been unlike any other, leaving BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid eagerly awaiting the outcome. "The main event is focused on the mentality of these two athletes. They are two veterans in the sport, two guys who have seen everything - the rise, the fall, and the rise again," remarked President Shahid.

He continued, "I think that is going to be the theme of this main event. The sad part about this main event, for me, is to look at these two absolute warriors with an amazing mentality, and only one story about the rise again can be written on that day."

BRAVE CF 74 takes place at the H Arena in Nantes, France, in collaboration with leading organization Hexagone MMA. This event marks France's debut as the 29th nation to host a BRAVE CF show, a remarkable achievement in the mixed martial arts industry.


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