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BRAVE CF 74: Ylies Djiroun out to become the face of French MMA

LockerRoom Team
07 September 2023

Last month, the MMA world received news that Ylies Djiroun would step into the spotlight on short notice to headline BRAVE CF 74 against former BRAVE lightweight champion Lucas Martins. While some might view this as a no-lose situation for Djiroun, he sees it as a golden opportunity to solidify his standing as one of the promotion's top fighters.

Djiroun, currently holding a 2-1 record in BRAVE, is riding high on momentum after a significant decision win over Olzhas Eskaraev in June. Stepping into the cage with a former champion like Martins provides him with a prime chance to propel his career to new heights.

The journey to this moment has been nothing short of inspirational for Djiroun. Injuries threatened to force him into retirement last year, but instead of giving up, he returned to the drawing board and resolved to chase his dreams with unwavering determination.

In a recent interview, Djiroun openly shared his aspirations, leaving no doubt about his intentions to create a lasting legacy in the MMA world. He reflected on his two-year hiatus from the sport due to injuries, during which he watched former opponents, training partners, and others rise to prominence in the MMA scene. This period of being sidelined fueled his desire to return stronger than ever.

"I hadn't fought in two years before my last fight because of my injuries. I saw my former opponents, my training partners, all those guys getting big fights, becoming famous in France, and I was lagging behind. I couldn't even watch MMA during this period. But now I'm back. This is unbelievable. I've waited two years for this moment. Now I'm in the main event of BRAVE CF in France. I'm the face of BRAVE CF in France," Djiroun passionately stated.

He went on to express his excitement about BRAVE CF's global presence, highlighting his past fights in Bahrain and Belarus and his upcoming bout in France. Djiroun is determined to be the figurehead for BRAVE CF in his home country, embracing the responsibility with fervor.

"It's crazy that BRAVE CF goes around the world, in Africa, Europe, Asia, America. I fought in Bahrain, Belarus, now in France, and I want to be that guy for BRAVE CF here," Djiroun affirmed.

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With the main event spotlight firmly on him, Ylies Djiroun aims to make a resounding statement at BRAVE CF 74, further solidifying his place among the MMA elite and fulfilling his dream of leaving an indelible mark on the sport.


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