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BRAVE CF 73: Fighters from Nine Countries to be featured

LockerRoom Team
07 August 2023

The realm of mixed martial arts is undergoing continuous expansion, growing larger with each passing day. With every successive event, a fresh cadre of fighters, spanning both the emerging and seasoned, steps onto the stage, driven by the pursuit of establishing their prominence in the upper echelons of the sport.

In the upcoming week, the stage will be set ablaze in Bogota, Colombia, as BRAVE Combat Federation orchestrates a grand spectacle, dedicating itself to the sport's further proliferation. Within this immersive showcase, an array of talents hailing from diverse corners of the globe will be unveiled. The forthcoming BRAVE CF 73 extravaganza, slated for August 12, will reverberate from the heart of the Colombian capital, uniting fighters from no fewer than nine distinct nations within the confines of the cage.

This dynamic roster comprises representatives from the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, Ecuador, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Peru. Across this diverse ensemble, encompassing title bouts, debut appearances, and everything in between, a collective aspiration surges forth – a shared ambition to leave an indelible mark, while wholeheartedly championing their respective homelands.

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Anticipate a multifaceted display of varied fighting styles, converging into a captivating tapestry. Amidst this diverse symphony, one thing remains unequivocally certain – a spectacle of explosive magnitude is poised to illuminate the stage from all conceivable angles.


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