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BRAVE CF 73: Eduardo Mora vs. Keron Bourne set for collision

LockerRoom Team
07 August 2023

The upcoming BRAVE CF 73 event is set to showcase an intense clash at the bantamweight division, setting the stage ablaze even before the championship showdown. Eduardo Mora and Keron Bourne are poised to engage in a riveting battle at 135 pounds, injecting further excitement into the fight card.

This confrontation is often touted as one of the most enigmatic encounters on the roster. Mora, hailing from Bogota, Colombia, makes a triumphant return to his homeland, while Bourne embarks on his inaugural journey with BRAVE Combat Federation.

Positioned prominently on the main card in the vibrant Colombian capital, the stage is impeccably set for this spectacle. The narrative encapsulates elements of redemption, resilience against odds, and the fervent desire to leave an indelible mark – a prelude that undoubtedly promises an electrifying showdown.

Eduardo Mora's recent path has been fraught with challenges, as his last three appearances within the BRAVE arena concluded with setbacks.

While these defeats were at the hands of notable names in the division, the sting of loss remains undeniable. This impending contest might well serve as Mora's last opportunity to assert his contention status amongst the devoted ranks of BRAVE followers.

Conversely, Keron Bourne emerges as an enigmatic figure, shrouded in intrigue. With an undefeated record in his professional mixed martial arts career, Bourne's return to the spotlight after a four-year hiatus presents an aura of uncertainty. Yet, his unwavering discipline and resolute determination since a young age seem to signify that he will pour every ounce of his being onto the canvas.

Mora's adeptness in sambo is a cornerstone he seeks to capitalize on, aiming to wear down his adversary and orchestrate a battle of attrition.

In contrast, Bourne boasts a remarkable finish rate, with an impressive 71% of his victories, equating to five out of seven, culminating in knockout or TKO victories. Undoubtedly, this serves as an irresistible incentive for fight aficionados to remain glued to the unfolding spectacle.

The highly anticipated BRAVE CF 73 extravaganza will unfold live from the iconic Coliseum El Salitre on August 12, offering an exhilarating experience that promises to captivate and enthrall.


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